About Us

Our Vision

Provide an simple, intuitive interface, backed by a robust framework to meet the Data, Customer, Financial and Operational Management needs of various Enterprises and Governance bodies.

Our Mission

Provide simplified methods of Service Provisioning and Grievance Redressal for Governing bodies while also empowering them with valuable information for framing policies and making decisions.


It is no longer enough to Satisfy Citizens, they need to be 'delighted'!


With the upward mobility of our Economy, and the Customer focused, Service Oriented Approach provided by Private Enterprises, the General Public is looking for transparency and qualitative services in the Government Sector too.

Public Servants and Elected representatives are being approached through various fora, especially Social Media, by the General Public, for routine requirements and grievances that should ideally be handled at the Department Levels.


The Head of the Government (Chief Minister) and the Heads of Departments (Ministers) are required to keep a close eye on the status of Government Services while also tracking Key Projects being implemented at the State level.

Peer States

Legislations that guarantee time-bound delivery of services to citizens are being put to effect in atleast 15 States with the Central Government too, providing an Overarching Central Act.


Citizens are looking for time bound delivery of Services, and redressal of grievances.

User Experience

With the growing pace of life and corporatization, E- Governance (Rapid Digitization, Online Services and enhanced communication modes) is the need of the times.

Though there are CSCs operational, there is need for an online unified platform for better ‘User Experience’ and greater Operational Oversight.